Corporate Event Venue in Raleigh-Durham | Rose Hill | Manor House
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The Manor House at Rose Hill


A beautiful reminder of Southern charm and grace from a bygone era, the Rose Hill Conference Center stands apart from other meeting rooms and corporate event venues with its picturesque, scenic countryside views and convenient venue location close to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.


The Manor House was built in about 1790 by Nathan Boddie on farmland that was part of a land grant deeded to the family by King George II in 1762. In 1979, The Manor House then underwent an expansive renovation by the Boddie family to prepare it for modern use.


Today, The Manor House is a beautifully furnished facility sought out for unique, memorable events of all kinds, including corporate parties, team building activities, retreats, meetings, and banquets. Your entire company will feel inspired by the history and natural beauty surrounding Rose Hill. Arriving at Rose Hill feels like stepping into a different world, yet it’s only an hour and a half from Durham and Chapel Hill and less than an hour from Raleigh.

The Best Place for Corporate Parties, Meetings, Banquets, and More


The Manor House at Rose Hill offers a variety of fully furnished rooms and parlors, many decorated in historic period antiques. Each room has its own appeal for corporate or special events as well as for business meetings and retreats. We can accommodate nearly any size event. A glass sunroom furnished in bright colors can serve as a meeting space for up to 35 guests, and the Great Room can accommodate small gatherings or larger events of up to about 300 people.


The Manor House is designed to accommodate all kinds of corporate events, from small overnight business retreats, casino game nights, or company banquets and parties. Being surrounded by acres of beautiful farmland and historical buildings makes for an unforgettable experience. Our team is here to help make the planning of your corporate event easy and stress-free. No other event venue close to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill’s triangle region in Eastern North Carolina can offer everything that Rose Hill can.